Episode 44 with Tom Kuegler [Podcast]

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Tom Kuegler graduated from college with a degree in marketing, over $80,000 in school debt (that’s US dollars by the way) and couldn’t find a job in marketing.

He realized that he was good at writing and started taking whatever writing jobs he could. At one point Tom would write 2,000-3,000 words a day at his online writing job and he was only making $15 for every 600 word post. Have you ever tried consistently writing 2,000 words every day? It’s hard. And even harder when it’s about things you aren’t even interested in.

Today, Tom has 23,000 followers on the popular blogging platform Medium.com and that number grows every day. Tom has been so successful on Medium that he launched an online course called The Medium Mastery Academy, where he shows you how to get followers on Medium and how to monetize your writing skills as he did.

But Tom only got to where he is today because he never gave up on himself. I think it’s sometimes too easy to keep a job we don’t like because it pays well enough and there’s $80,000 of debt staring us in the face.

Tom joined me from the other side of the world in Indonesia to tell his personal finance story.

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Thanks so much for listening to this episode of The Personal Finance Show. Next week, my guest will be Engel Jones, founder of 12 Minute Convos. Since 2016 Engel has recorded more than 2000 12 minute podcast episodes. I was episode 1437! It was great to host Engel at my home in person during his trip from Trinidad to record even more podcasts of his own.

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