Episode 7 – Money 20/20 Payments Race [Podcast]

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On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5 contestants began the Money 20/20 Payments Race in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the SIBOS conference.

Each contestant must use a different method of payment to get from Toronto to Las Vegas in 7 days, with checkpoints and challenges along the way.

Payment methods are:  Chip and pin, Bitcoin, Gold, Cash and Coins, and Contactless

It is only through a series of random connections that I became aware of this race.  One of the contestants, Jessica Moorhouse, is a friend of mine and host of the Mo’ Money Podcast.  She posted on social media about being the first Canadian to be selected to compete in the race.

Then I found out that the race was starting at the 3rd day of the SIBOS conference in Toronto – a conference that I just happened to be already attending!

So I tracked down the 5 contestants and chatted with all of them about the race, their assigned methods of payment, and how they were feeling at the beginning of this 7-day journey!

Have a listen to the podcast and then follow the links below to access daily summaries, social media posts, YouTube videos and general updates from the contestants.

Also follow hashtag #M2020Race to get the latest from all contestants at once.

Jessica Moorhouse – Chip and Pin

Jessica Moorhouse - Payments Race



Amélie Arras – Bitcoin

Amélie Arras - Payments Race



Ash Cooper – Gold

Ash Cooper - Payments Race



Stuart Thomas – Cash & Coins

Stuart Thomas - Payments Race



Jordan Dusty Drew – Contactless

Jordan Dusty Drew - Payments Race



Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play

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