Episode 32 with Laurie Campbell [Podcast]

Laurie Campbell is very passionate about improving financial literacy.

When I saw her speak at the Financial Wellness and Retirement Readiness Conference in February of 2018, I was impressed by her devotion to helping people solve debt problems.

Getting out of debt is hard and involves a lot of sacrifice.

But for some people it’s even harder to not get into debt in the first place.

There are people, like myself, who had mental health and addiction issues in the past, and that led to an overwhelming amount of debt. This is very hard to avoid, but as Laurie and I discuss in the interview, you can get out sooner if you reach out for help early.

The problem is that there is still so much stigma, shame and embarrassment surrounding consumer debt, and people feel that they need to keep it to themselves and fix it on their own.

What happens is that their consumer debt gets larger and by the time people end up at Laurie’s office, they’re in big trouble.

But as Laurie has found out in her 25 years at Credit Canada, it’s never too late to make the changes to your life that are needed to get yourself out of debt and on the right track

I visited Laurie at her office in Toronto to learn about her personal finance story and how she ended up as CEO of Credit Canada, a Canadian Registered Charity dedicated to helping Canadians overcome debt problems and improve their personal money management skills.

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