Episode 4 with Jessica Moorhouse [Podcast]

Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial personal finance expert, award-winning blogger, host of the Mo’ Money Podcast and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup.

Last year, after I met Jessica and told her my story about being addicted to gambling for 20 years and crawling my way out of debt and addiction, she immediately booked me on her podcast.

So it just seemed right that Jessica would be one of my first guests on The Personal Finance Show. Jessica is currently on episode 109 of the Mo’ Money Podcast, and there are more on the way every week.

In this interview we talk about how Jessica has embraced change in her life and how she has found success and happiness by doing so. We also talk about mindfulness, travel, food, money personalities, and a million other things!

I had a great time chatting with Jessica and I’m very excited that she agreed to participate in my first “Questions from the Internet” segment, which was so much fun.

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