Episode 9 with Desirae Odjick [Podcast]

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“Being good at money doesn’t mean you have to give up the things that you love.” – Desirae Odjick, HalfBanked.com

Desirae Odjick is very interested in helping you be great at money.

The best part is that she breaks it down in a way we can all understand.

This is sorely needed in the world of personal finance education.


Desirae originally started Half Banked because she ran the numbers and it turned out that she would have to save half her income to achieve all of her savings goals.

And what better accountability than publishing updates on the internet along the way?

Two years later and now she’s the one giving the advice – because she’s been through it and learned a lot along the way.

We all need a helping hand when it comes to meeting our financial goals.

There’s a reason why you’re good at engineering, or doctoring, or dentisting, or whatever it is you do to make money. It’s because you’re probably not super great when it comes to personal finance.

Well, Desirae is.

She can afford her dog(expensive!), her new house(expensive!!) and still meets her goal of saving 10% of her income before all that stuff (like living the life you want) gets in the way.


By paying attention. (A.k.a. budgeting and tracking)

A budget is a tool for freedom, not a prison.

The hard truth is: you can’t have everything. At least not all at once.

So if you put your priorities in a budget, you actually know if you can afford them or not.

I enjoyed chatting with Desirae at FinCon in Dallas, Texas (even though we’re both Canadian!).

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Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play

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