The Personal Finance Show  podcast is for anyone who likes great conversations with interesting people and doesn’t mind learning a little something about personal finance along the way.

Host, Beau Humphreys, explores topics such as: FinTech, Financial Literacy, Financial Independence vs. Traditional Retirement, Banking, Investing, Debt, Savings, Spending, Giving, Dividends, Addiction, Mental Health, Mortgages, and Work-Life Balance.

Everyone has a personal finance story.  That’s one thing we all share. We have to work to earn money and decide how to spend it.

Even though we share this bond, everyone’s story is so different.

I created this podcast so that listeners could learn from the mistakes of others but also celebrate their successes.

I created this podcast so that listeners could hear a story similar to their own, and not feel so alone, but also so that they could confirm that they are on the right track.

The Personal Finance Show is about giving people many different perspectives and options so that they feel confident in the personal financial lives.

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