Episode 24 with Cait Flanders [Podcast]

In 2011, Cait Flanders had credit card debt of $30,000, no more available credit, $100 in the bank, and had to move back in with her parents.

Cait decided to reboot the blog she had previously deleted, called Blonde on a Budget, hoping that writing about it would help with her debt repayment and struggles with overspending.

Since that first post in June 2011, on what has now become caitflanders.com, Cait paid off her $30,000 in full, got a job offer because of her blog, and came up with this crazy idea of going on a one-year shopping ban.

And then after a friend wrote an article on Forbes.com about her shopping ban, she was contacted by 6 different literary agents asking if she wanted to write a book.

And she did! It’s called The Year of Less, and it came out in January 2018.

Cait joined me in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park to talk about her personal finance journey.​

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Thanks so much for listening to this episode of The Personal Finance Show. I’ll be back next week with Eric Brotman, president and managing principal of Brotman Financial Group.

Note: special thanks to @PaullPeterson (Twitter) realtorchef (Instagram) for the picture of us in the park.

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