Episode 35 with Barry Choi [Podcast]

Barry Choi wasn’t always a personal finance expert.

Back in his 20s he didn’t know anything about investment fees or what he should be investing in.

But when someone suggested that he might be paying more than he needed to, he quickly found that it was even worse than he thought.

That incident from 10 years ago kicked Barry into high gear and created the personal finance expert we know him to be today.

Barry is also one of Canada’s leading travel experts and blogs about his travels, and various personal finance topics on his site moneywehave.com.

He has been published in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post and MoneySense magazine, just to name a few, and he’s made many appearances on Canadian TV over the years.

Barry joined me in Toronto to tell his personal finance story.​


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Next week my guest will be Gordon Stein, author of Cashflow Cookbook – $2 Million Dollars of Financial Freedom in 60 Easy Recipes.


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