Episode 19 with Allison Suter [Podcast]

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When someone mentions income taxes, do you get excited or are you filled with dread?

Do you wait until the last possible moment to file your taxes?

When you finally start the process, are you so on edge that if the slightest thing goes wrong you want to throw your laptop across the room?

And when it’s over, are you 100% sure that you messed it up somehow?

If this sounds like you, you should probably check out SimpleTax.



Allison Suter is a former tax lawyer. She is a total tax nerd.

One day she was doing her taxes online and started wondering:

Why is preparing my tax return so complicated? Why is tax software so slow and expensive?

If a tax nerd like Allison thinks it’s complicated, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Founders SimpleTax

Luckily for us, Allison and her co-founders decided to build what they like to call “the best tax software in Canada”.

Allison joined me from Vancouver to talk about how she went from tax lawyer, to world traveller to wedding photographer and finally to SimpleTax.​

Listen on SoundcloudiTunes and Google Play

I just checked out the CRA website and SimpleTax is now certified for your 2017 taxes.

So you can go and get started but remember that NetFile doesn’t open until February 26th.

And although you have the option to pay $0, please consider paying something.

P.S.  The SimpleTax website is also available in French and works in Québec!

Quebec SimpleTax


Next week on The Personal Finance Show I will be talking with Jane Rooney who is Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, within the federal government’s Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. She was appointed to that position in April 2014 to exercise leadership at the national level to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians.

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